The Days We Leave Behind

by Dream State

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released February 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Dream State Galway, Ireland

Pop Punk band from Galway, Ireland.

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Track Name: Feelings Lost
Why do I keep on running
All these thoughts in my head were just lost for a sec and I'm trying
To save what I have left and never fall out again because
Every night is lonely here all by myself
Every time I try I am not myself I'm just someone else // And I know everytime I feel low you only have one life in this world
Don't waste it feeling cold
And I know everytime I let this go
I feel happy with myself when I'm with you it's something else
\\ When these thoughts have picked up again
I always feel bad at what happened how I acted then
When I know i was wrong but just moved on again
You know that I know that I was wrong
I know that you know that I was too far gone
Can you see the real me // Is it all in my head
I'm scared of what is in the end
Will I ever feel lost again
The nights I spent
Track Name: Time & Place
These days feel so long, when everything is gone
It's like something's pulled my heart strings
I am lost at sea
I try to answer the questions running through my head
I act like I am fine
But why am I stuck inside this bed // Take me back to the start when I felt so real
When everything was perfect
And time stood still
And my mind just feels like it's running tracks
Keeping it in
Feeling so down
On what is left now // I've been feeling worthless
Can you not tell
Seems like every purpose
Is breaking in its shell
The ground just feels lighter
My feet don't touch the floor
When all that's said and done
I'll come begging back for more // Coz every reason every season is gone
Coz I don't wanna be alone on my own
Track Name: Goodbye
I never got the chance to tell you
How I really felt about you
I used to walk to your house
You used to come to my house
We watched movies all night and talked about life
remember all the times when you were upset and i called you and I made you forget
About your break ups with douchebags that always made you sad I was always there to help you my friend // Do you remember when I came to your school and the teacher she put me right beside you
We'd always hangout all the time
And everything was just fine
All these stories that have about us
Are just memories that I wish I could trust
About the ups and downs I still need you around // Did you ever have your first crush, coz I did
It was something that was unthought of
Coz in the end, we were friends, we never had a chance
And I know it sounds crazy but please listen to me
I find it hard to say goodbye, coz you were with me all my life //You know you and me we went through a lot, all the fights and shit we forgot, but they were bumps in the road coz we always know not to get on each other's nerves coz we'd regret it even worse // Whenever I feel lost again
I still picture the days that we used to have
Everything just comes to an end
I just wish you knew how I felt
Track Name: Start Over
I know you could be the one for me
You know it's misleading my heart is bleeding just for one second to show you
That everything that I have left is gone from me so can we just get out now // I can be the one so can we go
Everywhere you wanna go
Coz right now I'm stuck and wanna leave this place and I know I'll return someday but with you I know be okay just need time to start over again \\ I just need to work it out and forget about what's now
All the places we could see
All the people we could meet
Just a restart of what was then
I'll never forget all my friends
The ones that help me out the most
You and me all alone // I can be the one so can we go
Everywhere you wanna go
Coz right now I'm stuck and wanna leave this place and I know I'll return someday but with you I'll know be okay just need time to start over again
Track Name: The Days I've Missed
Just take me back to the start where it all began, we were just kids searching for something and then i fell in
All the days we spent watching the hills have eyes, I rubbed my shoulder off yours but you never knew why
I tried // Coz Iv been so alone, so broken it's so hard to find ways round it
When all that I know is that you found a life and full of happiness
I remember the days we went walking outside with nothing to do and our lives were un tied but i knew that I had to move on from you // I'm so trapped in the past, but the past helps me through these dark days when I think of you and how I can't get up when I'm so lost
And the nights that we had getting drunk in pubs, where we never gave a fuck but we still had the best laugh